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Zeiss Contax Set

The Zeiss Contax line was a legendary set of optics from the seventies. Featuring the classic punchy Zeiss look, without the clinical cleanliness of its modern contemporaries, this glass will make your images pop – and with wonderful organic character. Built at the same time and sharing the same coatings, these are essentially full frame counterparts to the famous Zeiss ‘Super Speeds’.

Originally designed for stills photography use, these lenses have undergone meticulous cine-modding for use as cinema lenses. Converted to Canon EF mount, these lenses also feature de-clicked apertures, aluminium focus gears, and standardised fronts.

These are among the most exciting sets of lenses available in Canon EF mount, and we are the only place in the UK with them available to rent!






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£49 (by 9am)

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Key Features


Focal Length 21 28 35 50 60 85 100
Aperture (ƒ) 2.8 2.0 1.4 1.4 2.8 1.4 2.0
Close Focus 0.22m/8.5" 0.24m/9.5" 0.30m/12" 0.45m/1'6" 1:1 macro 1.00m/3'4" 1.00m/3'4"