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Gold Mount Plate for Canon C500 MkII/C300 MkIII

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Product Details
Material: Aluminium plate/stainless steel bolts
Core Dimensions: 66x82.2x22.5mm
Maximum Dimensions: 74x92x22.5mm
Weight: 238g

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Compact Gold Mount battery plate, compatible with the Canon C500 MkII and C300 MkIII.

Machined from aluminium, the Compact Gold Mount plate attaches directly to the rear of the camera using two captive M4 bolts (included) and powers the camera via low profile XLR connector. The compact design enables the simultaneous use of Gold Mount batteries and Canon A30 style batteries, permitting hot-swapping.

Features one D-Tap supplying up to 10A for onboard accessories. Conveniently located, this does not block the use of any of the camera's rear buttons, nor does it get in the way any of the camera's SDI outputs or audio XLR inputs.

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