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Flop Stop - Sony FX6 monitor fix

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Material: Aluminium
Weight: 49g

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Fitting neatly over the top of the Sony bracket, the Flop Stop is quick and easy to install - without needing to disassemble the monitor. Reinforcing the original monitor bracket, it stops unwanted drooping along two points of rotation without affecting use of the rod, so you can still adjust your viewing angle.

By locking the central axis, you can be sure the monitor is horizontally level, no matter what angle you mount the original bracket at.

Use a loupe regularly? Utilising over 11kg of pulling force, small neodymium magnets provide 16 positions of rotation to support the weight of a loupe and prevent it from drooping. You can augment these positions further by adjusting the original bracket thumbscrew, providing solid and comfortable viewing at any angle.

Don't need to support a loupe and just want to stop the central axis from sagging? Check out Flop Stop's smaller sibling, the Flop Stop Mini.

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