Axis - Dual Bubble for Canon C300 MkIII/C500 MkII

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Availability: Pre-orders open, estimated shipping July 2021

Level up your camera with the Axis.

With the camera lacking a digital level*, add much needed functionality (and a bit of flair) to your rig.

Keep your horizons straight. The cylindrical vial is tilt agnostic - making it especially useful for gimbal work.

Bubble your tripod quicker. The circular vial is easier to see than the one on the tripod head.

The Axis can be used on its own or in combo with our V-Mount, Gold Mount or Cheese Plates. Both vials are easy to see even with batteries mounted to the camera, plus it's compatible with any third party top plate. Integrating seamlessly with the camera's contours, the Axis replaces the terminal cover on the camera and attaches using the existing bolts (not included).

*Even if Canon adds this through firmware, real bubbles are more sensitive than digital levels!

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