Laowa 24mm Macro Probe Lens
£75 +VAT £225 +VAT
/day /week

The Laowa 24mm Macro Probe is a lens like no other! With it's long, waterproof barrel, it can reach places other lenses can't for a true 'bugs-eye' view.

With its double life-size magnification, the Probe lets you get closer to your subjects whilst retaining a wide angle perspective and deeper depth of field than traditional macro lenses.

The Probe boasts a mini ring light built-in to the end of the lens, powered by any USB source. With the included USB cable, you can use the ring light to illuminate your subject underwater, inside small spaces or anywhere else you can use the lens!

Focal length 24
Aperture (ƒ) 14
Close focus 2:1 macro (2cm from end of lens)
Barrel diameter 20mm/0.8"
Barrel length 213mm/8.4" (waterproof; to USB)

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