Flop Stop

Sony FX6 monitor fix

The smallest, lightest and most affordable FX6 monitor bracket solutions.

Do you use a loupe?


Flop Stop Mini

The Flop Stop Mini reinforces the FX6’s monitor bracket.

It prevents the monitor from drooping sideways without adding any size or bulk to your rig.


Flop Stop

The Flop Stop reinforces the FX6’s monitor bracket and supports a loupe.

16 positions of rotation all of which support the weight of a loupe.

How does it work?

Flop Stop Mini

Fitting snugly over the rod, the Flop Stop Mini pins the monitor bracket in place to prevent unwanted sagging. Quick and easy to install, you don’t need to take your monitor apart or send it away for servicing.

The ideal solution for users who don’t use a loupe, the Flop Stop Mini allows your monitor to rotate freely with or without the sun shade. 

Flop Stop

Flop Stop pins the monitor bracket in place similar to the Flop Stop Mini, however it also wraps around both the monitor to provide much needed support when using a loupe.

Small neodymium magnets with over 11kg of pulling force provide 16 positions of support.

Small and unobtrusive seem to have been the design philosophy, and they nailed it.
Matthew Green

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