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Why Full Frame?

The full frame format has been around since forever, and is widely considered the ‘standard size’ in the world of photography. Back in 2007, Canon released the 5DmkII, famously the first digital camera capable of recording video in this format. Only now however, is it possible for manufacturers to produce full frame cinema cameras – far surpassing the humble 5DmkII in terms of features, functionality and most importantly, image quality.

Whilst we’re sure Super 35 will always have its place, full frame is proving to be the next big leap for the cinema industry. Using this larger canvas, cinematographers everywhere are expanding their field of view and broadening creative possibilities!

Who are we?

We’re a small team of filmmakers with an unhealthy obsession with lenses. We love unusual and unique optics and are proud to offer something different to other rental houses.

In addition to hiring lenses, we also produce bespoke cinema accessories. We decided to head into the world of product manufacture after struggling to find suitable solutions to problems we faced with our own cameras. Being cinematographers ourselves, we’re in touch with the needs of filmmakers and ideas that would make our lives easier on set. Our products are now used in over 40 countries worldwide, and our customers swear by them.

Full Frame Camera Co.

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