V Mount Full Frame Battery Plate

Battery Plates

Professional Power solutions for Canon C300mkIII/C500mkII

Bespoke design

Made by filmmakers for filmmakers

Designed from the ground up for the Canon C300mkIII and C500mkII. No retro-fitted generic or universal products – and no disassembly required to attach. Just a perfect match.

With the smallest possible footprint, keep your camera compact without obscuring any of the buttons or I/O on the back of the camera.

Built with

Genuine components

Only genuine IDX and Anton Bauer components are used for terminal connections

Premium hardware

Secured by British Stainless Steel bolts, not cheap screws from your local DIY shop

low profile XLR

In keeping with the compact philosophy, the connector doesn’t stick out and the cable doesn’t block the audio XLR ports

Love and care

All soldered and assembled by hand – plus every unit is fully tested on camera prior to being packaged

We love Metal

Milled from high grade aluminium, our plates will stand up to years of use on set. Built to last, they won’t crack or bend like plastic counterparts.

Fitted to the camera with captive bolts, they’re tough enough for even the heaviest of batteries and attachments.


Keep your camera powered up during a battery change. Canon BP-A batteries can be used simultaneously with your main battery.*

Once the main battery runs out, the camera will automatically switch over to the Canon battery without interrupting recording.

*BP-A30 only with Gold Mount

High power

All of the circuitry and wiring has been carefully designed to sustain high amperage use. The DTap is fitted with a 10A fuse so you can power all of your accessories with enough juice. 

No need to carry spares – the fuse is digital so if it trips, just let it cool down and you’re good to go.

Your products are too good. It works without getting in the way! Any BTS shot have your V-mount plate, but it’s so perfectly designed… you can’t see it!
Nathaniel Dennison

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