We like big image circles and we cannot lie

Full Frame Camera Co. is a new rental house specialising in - you guessed it! Cameras with sensors larger than the traditional Super 35 format, and lenses designed to cover these fat slices of silicon.

The full frame format has been around since forever, and is widely considered the 'standard' in the world of photography. Back in 2007, Canon released the 5DmkII, famously the first digital camera capable of recording video in this format. Only now however, is it possible for manufacturers to produce full frame cinema cameras - far surpassing the humble 5DmkII in terms of features, functionality and most importantly, image quality.

Whilst we're sure Super 35 will always have its place, full frame is proving to be the next big leap for the cinema industry. Using this big new canvas, cinematographers everywhere are broadening their field of view and expanding creative possibilities!

Who are we?

We're a small team of cinematographers and filmmakers who have an unhealthy obsession with lenses.

Full Frame Camera Co. is actually owned and run by Wild Films Ltd, a production company specialising in outdoor filmmaking. For a number of years now, Wild Films have been hiring out specialist equipment such as thermal and infrared cameras to productions. Always acquiring more equipment, it became apparent that not all of it was relevant or specific to the outdoor industries, but was perhaps more appropriate to general filmmaking as a whole. It also transpired that all of their kit was of a certain format size - and just like that, Full Frame Camera Co. was born.

Whilst there are plenty of established rental companies that may already offer full frame camera and lens packages from well known brands, we are the first rental company dedicated to this format. Therefore, we will continually expand our inventory with amazing new (and old!) kit, providing some of the more unusual, unique or exclusive solutions - some of which are not available anywhere else.